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Jack and Marion Blanco

Jack and Marion Blanco


"It is amazing how the Lord continues to bless Southern Adventist University. Current enrollment is at 3200, with a projected continued growth in coming years if time should last. Regardless the growth rate?for which we're thankful?each student is important and there are always those who wish to attend but who need a little extra financial help.

"There are many ways to help students in need. My wife, Marion, and I love to help students in need of scholarships, whether large or small. Additionally, we have established The Jack and Marion Blanco Endowment Fund for ministerial scholarships, evangelism, archeology, and student missions to be distributed as aid to students.

"Recently, we arranged for a gift annuity through the university to help future students, as well as to provide us with a dependable income. A Charitable Gift Annuity makes it possible for us to plan a future charitable gift while helping meet our current personal financial needs.

"There is no better investment than using our resources to help the youth of this church to complete their education and to witness for Jesus no matter where they serve."

Jack Blanco