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Mrs. Jewel Harris Alston

Mrs. Jewel Harris Alston

Mrs. Jewel Harris Alston recently gave her home to South Central Conference as a gift. She said she wanted to give back to the Lord who gave it to her.

"My husband John and I moved to Nashville, Tennessee in 1951. He had come to Nashville to work at South Central Conference headquarters under President H. R. Murphy. With the help of Elder Murphy, we were able to secure a loan from Third National Bank of Nashville, Tennessee and purchase our first home."

"After the death of my husband John in 1975, there were no close living family members; and because of the kindness of Elder H.R. Murphy, I decided to give the home to the conference upon my death."

She loves the Lord and is always supporting the gospel work around the world. She has helped build water wells in Africa, helped build churches, schools, supports Oakwood University, the School for the Blind, and many other organizations.

As it relates to the house, Mrs. Alston always says, "The Lord made it possible for me to work and blessed me with good health, he gave me the energy to work and pay off the mortgage." She feels that it should be returned back to the Lord and the Adventist work.

Mrs. Jewel Harris Alston did not want to wait until her death to transfer the property to South Central. She wanted to do it while she is living. After many visits and prayer this happened on November 25, 2010. South Central President, Elder Dana Edmond and Treasurer Elder Philip Palmer, were present on this memorable day to receive this wonderful gift.

Mrs. Alston just recently celebrated her 93rd birthday, February 9, 2011. Happy Birthday and God bless you Mrs. Alston for your gift to Him and South Central. You are truly a "Jewel."

Michael Harpe, South Central Conference 256-830-2411